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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge: Week 3 Bathroom Renovation

It's week 3 of the Better Homes & Gardens Spring 2020 #oneroomchallenge !

Since last sharing progress on this bath, we have installed the hex floor tile, which I've used before. It's one of my favorite go-to tiles, but it is not the easiest to install!

We buy this beautiful marble-look tile from Floor and Decor for $2.69/sqft, so it is pretty affordable and it looks great!

We ran this tile with a light gray grout in between.

A messy job!

I also went ahead and ordered some of the final finishes for installation!

I chose a mix of black and gold for hardware in this bath.

For the shower, we'll be using the Delta Faucet Trinsic tub and shower trim kit. I've used this before. It works well and it looks good, the only downside in my opinion is the spray pattern. It's not my favorite and cannot be adjusted. But that's a preferential thing, so you may like it just fine! I have one in my master shower and I am getting used to it.

To go on top of the navy blue vanity, I ordered this widespread gold faucet and pop up drain. I'm super excited about this one! I think it's going to look amazing against the deep blue cabinet and Carrara marble countertop.

I also ordered a full set of black modern hardware to hold towels and toilet paper. It was only $31.99 for 5 pieces! A steal.

I have a very similar set in my master bath and it's fantastic. Who the hell wants to sit there and pop off the toilet paper holder on those old school ones?!

And also I ordered these 3/4" gold knobs. Why? ...when the vanity comes with gold knobs already?

Because frankly, they look cheap, in my opinion. And this tiny detail will elevate the vanity and the room. Unfortunately, the old knobs did leave a mark because they were installed so tightly onto the wood. So, I must stick with a knob of a similar size and dimension. I originally wanted to swap the knobs for bar pulls, but instead I'm going with these modern knurled knobs in brushed gold.

I already shared the killer light fixture I ordered for above the vanity, earlier this week when it came in. You can head here to check it out! It's a two-tone black and gold globe light. LOVE. IT. This brand makes fantastic lighting if you're in the market. I've used them before and found the quality to be great.

Onto week 4, when things get really fun! You will start to see these pretty finishes get installed! You can hop on our e-mail list below to get updates on real estate investing and design, as well as the continuation of this Spring's Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge!

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Frye Jacob
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