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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge Week 2: Bathroom Renovation

Updated: May 25, 2020

If this is your first time visiting Restoration Lane, welcome!

We are real estate investors renovating homes in northern New Jersey. We do a lot of DIY projects and our renovations are very budget friendly! It's important to keep cost in mind as we transform most of our projects into rentals for our portfolio. But we love to have fun with design and hands-on home improvement along the way.

As I shared last week, we are targeting a bathroom in one of our rental renovations for this Spring's #oneroomchallenge !

I saw a blue vanity for sale and decided to base my entire bathroom design around that. Here's the look I'm going for...

And here is the vanity at the center of the bathroom design...

It was only $399! Not too bad. I don't love the gold knobs, so I will swap it those out for something more modern.

But the top is real Carrera marble, so all in all, a pretty good deal.

I'm going to pair it with 'faux' marble hex floors.

And play up the blue theme with a blue herringbone feature wall over the bathroom tub.

To remind you, here is the "before" picture of this bath I shared last week.


I totally forgot that the original bath was blue! I didn't plan to mimic the old bath, but I suppose the design will a small tribute to the original owner, who passed away.

We bought this house from a bank. The original owner had started renovations, but was ultimately foreclosed on.

Demo day!

Here's the bath after we cleared everything out. We have now put up the cement board and started on tile!

Here's a time-lapse of the shower tile going up!

Here's the inspiration image for the shower tile pattern. I wanted to do a picture frame of the blue herringbone with an all white surround.

Here's how it turned out! I still need to grout it. As you can see, the spacers are still sticking out!

Next up, the focus will be on installing those pretty hex floors!

Here they are in another bathroom we renovated in March.

The same floor tile in another bath we renovated.

Here's the complete design board for this bath, to give you an idea of where we're headed.

Can't wait to share more! You can subscribe to our e-mail list below for updates. And follow along on Instagram, where I share a lot of DIY renovation progress in stories.

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1 Comment

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