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How we come up with our offer price

  1. It starts with a phone call. We will discuss the very basics of the home you are looking to sell: how many bedrooms? Bathrooms? Have you done any major repairs or renovations within the last 10 years?  

  2. Next, we will schedule an in-person appointment or video tour of the property with you so we can see the condition, location and estimate the cost of any necessary repairs.

  3. Prior to our appointment, we will research your property and the neighborhood. We are looking for homes that sold very recently and in the same neighborhood. We are looking for homes that are comparable. For example, a home with 5 bedrooms vs. a home with 2-bedrooms are not valued the same. Once we find the median value of comparable properties, we will deduct the cost of necessary repairs and carrying costs.

  4. We’ll then share options for the sale of your home with you. There is no pressure. We believe in letting you make the best choice available, which is why we provide multiple options.

  5. If you decide to accept our offer, we will work with you to get through closing.  

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