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Fun tile patterns to try

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We can't access the tile showrooms near us right now to check out new colors or patterns for inspiration. It's a challenge because colors online and in person can be wildly different. So I will work with the few samples I have already, but I will also get creative with how we lay the tile to try and amp up the finished look on our current renovation project. Here are some fun tile patterns that I love - some of which we will deploy on the duplex reno. I hope you can get some ideas from here for your future projects as well!


This is everywhere you look right now, and I'm not mad about it! I love, love, love herringbone and I hope it never goes away. We will be running some herringbone 'feature walls' in the baths of the duplex we are renovating right now. The pretty bath pictured above belongs to Shira Bess Interiors and per her linked post, she may also be dipping her toe into the DIY tile space sometime soon! The tiles she used for her master bath shown here are from Floor & Decor.

Step ladder

Kitchen tile backsplash, step ladder tile pattern.
Step ladder tile backsplash. Photo source: unknown.

This looks so pretty when you use an elongated subway tile with some striations to it like faux or real marble. I love how the step ladder pattern evokes direction or movement. You can point the direction of your tile toward a focal point of the room that you want to highlight.

Basket weave

This is super simple pattern to tackle and yet it's an elevated look when compared to your basic brick-lay. It will cost the exact same and it won't require any challenging tile cuts. This is a very DIYable tile scheme! But it will still make your space feel unique.

Organic edging

This kitchen floor tile transition was done by a couple from the Champagne region of France and this is their FIRST renovation! They did the tile work themselves and I love the organic black hex edge and wood pairing. I've included another photo of their home below. Their house in the French countryside must be centuries old. What a dream.

Picture Frame

A boring bathroom can be made that much more interesting by doing a picture frame on the shower wall with a bold color or pattern. We will also be incorporating a similar look on the duplex renovation we have underway. The blue tiles I've selected for both baths will run in a herringbone pattern within the picture frame. The rest of the shower walls will be a white faux marble, kind of similar to what is shown above. We've got some bold blue vanities going in both baths, so I think a blue picture frame feature wall like this will play off them nicely!


Would you believe this is an outdoor shower? Stunning! This is not your typical chevron pattern and I love the way they ran a vertical strip right up the center of the chevron with the shower heads on center. Think about how much more boring this white shower would look in a brick lay pattern. The creativity of the designers behind this pattern elevates this shower 1000%! You can see the designers page by clicking the photo above.

Diamond tips

Yet another fun pattern by Renovation Merfy. I think this could also be a fun raw edge to try on a kitchen backsplash as well, where there is open shelving or no cabinetry above.

Two-tone hexagon shapes

You could do so much with two-tone hexagon, especially if you're working with a smaller variation of hex tile. I've seen words or shapes spelled out on walls or floors, such as a big heart in the center of a room or a child's name up on the bathroom wall. We have not tried anything like this before but it's certainly unique and I like the pattern presented here by The Tile Shop!

Other ideas?

If you have any other ideas you're looking to try or patterns you've already conquered that are not shown here, please share them! I'd love to update this post with as more creative tile ideas. You can either leave it below in the comments section or reach out to me on social! Happy tiling.

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