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Our favorite real estate investing books

Each of these books helped us get started.

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THE book that got us (and maybe everyone else) started in real estate. This book was literally life-changing. It altered the way we think about time, money and work. A must read.

I loved this book. It is about huge real estate success and CATASTROPHIC failure. Persistence and endurance. Probably the most important qualities when investing in real estate. And traits shared by the magnate profiled in another favorite below.

I am not a killer negotiator, but luckily  Matt is strong in this area. This book flips old notions about good negotiating on it's head. And Voss is a CHARACTER. Love him.

I also loved this one! Most people start investing by buying a house or a duplex. Not Brian Murray. He will inspire you to think bigger. And he makes commercial investing feel less daunting.

THE solution to overwhelm. This book helped me conquer projects big & small. It drums ONE THING into your head: how to have true focus on the most life-changing work you can do today.

Not real estate specific. BUT of all the tycoon-biographies I've read (Jobs, Musk, Buffett, Carnegie, Gould and Morgan) THIS is the best. Rockefeller was beyond focused. He was pious, measured, brimming with humility. It's said no one ever witnessed him lose his temper.  

This one will help you be more balanced and measured, or perhaps work very little at all! It's not something I choose to live by 100%, but key takeaways in this book will help you employ systems and automation to live a freer life!

Like much of Gladwell's other books, this one is data-heavy, but it doesn't feel that way when you read it. Like Voss, Gladwell flips this old adage on it's head.

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