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My 5 favorite home decor pieces in our shop

After Christmas, I refreshed our online shop with all new decor! Here are some of my absolute favorites.

#1 Moroccan mirror

This beauty could work in virtually any room of the house but I would love to see a pair of these side-by-side over a double vanity in a master bath. Will definitely be employing that strategy in one of our future flips!

#2 Cane stool

I'm pretty much buying anything that is made of rattan or cane right now. Cane is apart of the rattan plant, so they are one and the same. Cane is extremely strong and durable. My mother saw 2 cane chairs I'm restoring in my garage and was dumbfounded that it's making a comeback. But this style has been around since at least the 1600's and it's enjoyed multiple resurgent moments. I think that's why I like it so much, it's nostalgic.

#3 Wine toppers

We had these available in our Christmas shop, but I wanted to keep them in the line up! We now have them in brass. They're fun for serving small appetizers at parties or for displaying desserts. We offer them in a couple different finishes.

#4 Jute rug

We also have this available with a white border. I love the earthy vibe of a jute rug! We just staged the Myrtle flip with one and we paired it with a black dining table and chairs.

#5 Rescued Accent Pillow

Enough said. We're #adoptdontshop people in this house.


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