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How I revived our front porch swing


The old hearts had to go.


I used a power-washer (this one) to get of decades of grime & any stains or sealers off the swing.

I sanded twice.

Once rough with a rough 80-grit disc and then with a finer 320-grit disc. I use a DEWALT orbital sander.

I used a Ryobi corner sander to get into the hard-to-reach spots.

Looks much cleaner!!

Now it's time to add the chevron back...

Using a DEWALT chop saw, I cut 1x4 common board on a 45-degree angle to form the chevron.

I did another pass with the sander and wiped the swing down before applying the stain!

The color

I chose is Olympic Cedar in semi-transparent with a sealer also blended in to protect the swing from the elements.

Finally time to hang her back up!

For this you'd need a level, brackets, rope, a razor blade and some pliers. I used a natural 1/2-inch manila twist rope. I had actually ordered a couple different synthetic ropes off Amazon, but returned both cause I love the natural, somewhat frayed look of the real thing and it was actually way cheaper!

I absolutely love the way it turned out!!

The natural wheat wreath is from Home Depot and the pillows are from Target!


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