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5 favorite planter pots from our shop

These are our most popular planters and probably my favorite as well! These are made from seagrass vines, woven in their natural-tone. I like the bohemian vibe of these planters and they fit right in with the breezy summer trend of rattan and wicker furniture.

These are meant to house smaller planters, as shown, but you can really store anything in them. These are also available on Houzz, but ours are cheaper! Just sayin'.

I love how this piece is made from recycled wood. And don't let this picture fool you! This planter is much larger than it appears. It's shown outdoors but I love hanging planters like this as wall decor inside. Something to note: the soil gets dry faster in these narrow-style wall planters, so your best bet would be to plant drought resistant greenery such as the succulents shown here.

This is also one of my preferred planters in our shop! It's also much larger than it appears. It's about 18x14'. I love the brushed antique brass finish on this one. It's another modern favorite.

This is great option for your herbs if you want to start a lush mini garden right on your balcony or deck. The set comes with all 9 planter pots and the rack.

Also included below is another option from our shop, where the pots are a tiny bit bigger. The below set comes with 6 terra cotta vessels plus two reclaimed wood boards! Happy planting.


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