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10 home decor trends you must try in 2020

When we renovate houses, we consider what will appeal to the masses. At the same time, we want the properties we flip to feel personal and unique. We often see other investors choosing the most mundane "special buy" or "sale" items that Home Depot has to offer. This year, I'd like to push the boundaries even further and test some simple decor trends that I believe most buyers DO want.

#1. Grey doors and trim

Restoration Lane

I've been dying to do this and I'm so glad I had the opportunity with this bathroom renovation. I chose a soft white for the walls and ceiling and an equally soft grey for the trim and door. This year, I'd like to try an even bolder, darker grey on another project!

#2 Imperfectly perfect REAL plants

I cannot stand fake greenery. Yes, we do use it for staging purposes. But in my own home, I prefer the real thing. People often opt out of using live plants as decor because they require care and they don't always look perfect. But that is what makes them beautiful and unique. The left leaning fiddle leaf fig or the creeping ivy with one or two dried up leaves feels much more comforting and organic to me than the plastic olive tree from a big box store. Plus, a mature and healthy plant cannot be matched by any manufacturer.

#3 Anything but white kitchens

Restoration Lane

This one does lend itself to us house flippers and renovators. Reusing old cabinets and simply painting them is a huge cost savings. However, when given this opportunity, I will not be choosing white this year! I am loving moody greens and blues. We chose to spray the cabinets in this kitchen a warm grey. We bought a couple new ones to match the old and sprayed those too.

#4 Statement-making laundry rooms

I took a poll on Houzz last year and was blown away by the amount of responses. People are crazy for full blown, spacious laundry rooms that feel like a space you'd want to spend time in. Try some fun floor tile or wallpaper with a fun, bold pattern. Or get creative and DIY some extra space for storage and organization.

#5 Custom wood range hoods

There are savings to be had here, if you are looking for a DIY project in the kitchen. You can purchase a range hood kit to help you pull it off. I've seen @investorgirlbritt do this and it looks so good!

#6 Chevron shelving

This is a fabulous wine rack and also a great way to bring a unique vibe into your kitchen. I'd really like to try to incorporate this idea into one of the kitchens we renovate on a higher end remodel this year.

#7 Monochrome exteriors

Black windows and white siding with wood or copper accents is THE play to make in 2020. I cannot wait to put this to work this year. It's such a show-stopper.

#8 Geometric wood feature walls and wall decor

Why put in a standard mud room shelving unit when you can DIY this instead? If you're not interested in DIY, there are some beautiful pieces available on Etsy by some expert craftswomen. Support a small business!

#9 Black tile - everywhere.

Restoration Lane

I always feel a tinge of nerves when selecting black tile for a project, but it always turns out insanely well. Black is so striking. And while you may worry it will make your space feel dark or small, it provides such a striking contrast to elevate your whole space.

#10 Raw wood or painted vintage subfloors

I'm not talking about exposed 4x8' plywood or strand board here. If you live in the northeast or in a home built in the 1940's or earlier, you may know what I mean. Inside a 120-year-old Victorian-style home we own, the 3rd floor has wide plank floor boards running over the frame. This is old school subfloor. I wound up installing floors on top. But in the future, I'd like to try simply leaving it exposed and painting it. It's too pretty to cover up!

#11 Fill in the blank...

What decor ideas are you looking to tackle in 2020? I'd love to hear your plans and goals below!


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