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Christie & Matt

We are a married couple & business partners. We buy, sell, rent and renovate real estate in New Jersey and New York.

We buy and build small apartment buildings and single-family houses.


Christie is a licensed realtor and a probate expert. She excels at finding and creating great deals for sellers and buyers. She hand-picks the majority of our projects, creates the pro forma and handles the due diligence. She also designs all of our renovation projects and co-manages every project with Matt.   


Matt typically spearheads contractor management - working with the trades to make sure our projects are executed correctly, quickly and for a competitive price. Matt also oversees property management for our rental portfolio.   

We tackled our first full house renovation together in 2017. We did almost all the work ourselves, including everything from tile, floors, cabinets and framing. Today, we are so thankful to have talented professionals working at our job sites, but we do still enjoy getting our hands dirty from time-to-time! 


We formed the brand, Restoration Lane, in January of 2019. Our online home is a place to share our projects and services, shop for home decor, and share our experience building our real estate business.

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