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23 entryway & foyer light fixture ideas for under $200

When renovating or designing a home - this space should never get overlooked. First impressions are made here! An inspiring entrance can be achieved without

spending a ton. We're always looking for ways to save on our flips. And

I think these lights don't sacrifice on style or budget!

I am loving globe lighting for every room right now but it works particularly well for an entry. Clear glass globe pendants will give off plenty of light to brighten your space.

That's something to keep in mind when shopping for the right fixture. For example, on a beaded or crystal chandelier some light will be obstructed by the design, giving off a dimmer glow than a clear orb like this one from (Amazon $49.99).

If you have dual lighting in your front hall - such as recessed lights plus a chandelier - than this may not matter much. But if you genuinely need brighter lighting to make the space more functional - it's something to keep in mind!

I have one similar to this in my bedroom but in brass. I personally love it with round bulbs like these rather than the traditional candlelight bulbs.

This look-alike chandelier is available on Amazon for $119.00.

I love the black and white monochrome vibe of this entryway captured by Cynthia Lynn Photography! You can replicate this look for a bargain: $44.58 for a set of 3!!

The caged aluminum vintage shade in matte black is another option, available from the Home Depot for $99.90 each.

For a similar but more refined look - this black canopy pendant with brass detail looks more expensive but it's actually slightly less expensive at $89.60.

This scandinavian-style entryway has an easygoing vibe. I love the bright white walls and ceiling - capped with another vintage shade - this time in white.

This comparable option has a brushed brass cap on it. It comes at a great price - $32.99.

Don't forget - overhead chandeliers and pendant lighting are not your only option! Sconces can add so much character and really draw attention to a feature wall like what Homegirl Renovation Management + Design has done here.

I would argue this find is damn-near identical! It's available on Amazon for $34.99.

Again, loving the globe lighting trend right now. This fixture was a great choice by Natalie Myers. It fits in perfectly with the mid-century modern vibe of this entryway.

This brass look-alike is only $49.95!

Or if you want to stick closer to the design in the photo - here's an all-white option for less than $80.

A real farmhouse feel - with galvanized steel lighting to match. Paired with the brick picture-frame flooring and reclaimed wood walls - it's a winning combo by The Home Co. This look-alike is priced at $99.00 and comes in a variety of colors.

Fixtures like this can run pretty high (this one below is $2,365.00 - $3,590.00). That's simply not in the budget for most people.

But this is a pretty good looking alternative! (Amazon $96.99). I'm seeing this fixture-style more often in fully renovated houses in my market. We plan on installing something similar in the dining room of the Myrtle flip!

Let's not forget the option of adding table lamps for more light! No hard-wiring needed. I really love the industrial lamps used in the image by Lemon Design Editing. I found something similar on Amazon for just $27.59!

Or this one has a more similar caged look, like the photo (Amazon $94.29).

While you may think these geometric shapes are modern - Moravian-stars have been found in 100-year-old Victorian homes. I actually have one in my house that we use as a piece of shelving decor. (Amazon $115.00)

I think these really add a fun element to any room - and they definitely make a first impression on visitors! (Amazon $99.99)

This entry by Grace Blu is so bright, inviting and beachy! We're planning to use a similar fixture in the Myrtle flip foyer! (Amazon $107.71)

School house lighting may never go out of style. Another 100-year-old staple. This light could work any room of the house. But I like the repeat-pendant look done by Cushman Design here. Here's a comparable fixture to help you replicate their style. Available at the Home Depot for $128.00.

A grey-tinted glass globe matches the floors in this contemporary entryway. These could also work nicely in a kitchen with dark-tiled floors or moody-colored-cabinets.

This option at $49.99 also comes in a wide array of colors.

Another repeat-pendent look to guide guests down the front hall of your home.

Could be one of my favorite entryways featured here! Sustainable Nine Design + Build did a beautiful job. There is a strong Scandinavian vibe here but I think it's so well balanced with jet black hardware, frames, furniture and of course - those pendant light fixtures! Here is a look alike option for you to recreate their look. (Amazon $39.99)

Okay so my option for you here is not the same shape - but it is a show-stopper that is sure garner tons of compliments. I remember sourcing lighting for our own home when we renovated 2-years ago and you could not find a light like this for less than $400-$500. Today - this one is available on Amazon for just $96.34. It's a stunner.

This industrial lighting is reminiscent of an old fishing dock. Some may think vintage factory lighting when they see it - but I think it also has a nautical element. Doesn't mean you need to live near water to throw it up in your entryway! As evidenced by the image above.

For some farmhouse style right at your front door - this wood and iron fixture would go great with a black or grey front door. (Amazon $199.99)

I may order this table lamp right now! I L-O-V-E it. (Amazon $87.36)

I also sourced a light similar to the hanging pendant - if you scroll back up to one of the earlier entryways shared above.

This is one of my favorite entryways of all time. It may be more grand than what you have to work with - but you can certainly deploy some of the same design elements showcased here: raw rustic wood paired with a glam chandelier. (Amazon $195.98)

For some farmhouse style right at your front door - this wood and iron fixture would go great with a black or grey front door. (Amazon $199.99)

If you like the caged-look, here's another option for you from Amazon at $79.99.

For less iron and more wood-tones -this softer style has all the farmhouse feels. It's available at the Home Depot for $172.99.

We have almost this exact light in our master above the bed. But it certainly looks stunning above these french 3/4-lite doors! A very transitional or traditional style.

This distressed faux wood and brushed metal finish for a modern farmhouse feel.

A basket-weave pendant will give your entryway a bohemian aesthetic. This woven fixture is $117.40.


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