We made our first real estate purchase in 2014, but became  obsessed after a weekend trip to Seneca Lake, New York. During the car ride from our home in Hoboken, New Jersey, we listened to an audio book called"Rich Dad, Poor Dad". It completely changed the way we thought about work, our time and money. Ten months later, we closed on this 117-year-old Victorian duplex in a great neighborhood. The house was in grave disrepair. (A neighbor said ferrets had been living in one of the back bedrooms. Given the smells & stains, I believe her!) The two of us worked on that house everyday for 11 months. LITERALLY! We barely ever took a break. It was back-breaking work and I liken the experience to camping indoors. (We demo'd everything the first week except one dated bathroom and one bedroom.) But I absolutely loved it. It brought us closer as a team and as a couple. Since then, we've bought another duplex and completely gutted that one! (With help from contractors this time.) And now we are flipping our first single-family home. On here, we will share our struggles, lessons and wins! Welcome to Restoration Lane!

BEFORE: The ferret room                
AFTER: The ferret room                
BEFORE: Our indoor "camp site"     
AFTER: Our indoor "camp site"     
BEFORE: Our only bathroom      

The scoop about us

AFTER: Our only bathroom