How we come up with our offer price

  1. The first thing we do is get on a call with you to discuss the basics of your home & your situation. We’ll ask questions like: how many bedrooms? Bathrooms?

  2. We then schedule an in-person appointment or video tour of the property so we can see the condition, location and estimate the cost of any necessary repairs.

  3. Prior to the appointment, we will research your property and the neighborhood. We are looking for homes that recently sold in the same neighborhood. We are also looking for homes that are comparable. For example, a home with 5 bedrooms does not hold the same value as a home with 2 bedrooms, even if they’re right across the street. We look for recently sold homes of similar size, condition, location and amenities. Once we find the median value of comparable properties, we subtract the cost of needed repairs and carrying costs such as taxes and insurance.

  4. When we meet to tour the home - we will be able to estimate the cost of any repairs needed and further discuss your goals for the property. We’ll share all the different options you have on how to move forward. So many buyers just make an offer. But we believe in letting you know all the options available to you so you can make the best choice possible for you and your family. Some examples of options would be a quick sale for all cash. Maybe you want us to renovate the home with you to sell for top dollar. Or maybe you don’t want nothing to do with a renovation but you want to maximize the value of the home by utilizing our rent to own program. 

  5. Once we now have an idea on the fair market value of the home, any repairs needed, and what your specific needs are - we’ll make you an offer to purchase the home. And work with you to select a closing date that best suits your timeline.

  6. If you decide to accept our offer, we will work with you every step of the way through closing. For example, a town inspection called a CO or a temporary CO is required. We will file the paperwork with the town and have the property inspected for you. We will help you move, donate or sell any unwanted contents or buy the home with the unwanted contents in it.